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Introducing our signature course:

The Brand Designer

Not just another branding course,
because you don't need:


X  To not feel confident in your brand business

 X  Information that is scattered

X  To feel stuck and not know where to turn

X  To feel like you have the 'dots' but don't know how they all connect

X  For your brand designs to stop short of the potential you envision

X  To feel like you don't stand out


A course just for you
- a brand designer.


A brand is so much more than a logo or amazing brand identity, and this course dives into WHY developing strong holistic brands with core positions of focus matter! You should feel so confident and empowered in developing brands for your clients, growing your business to larger clients and projects, and increasing your rates.

We get it, we’ve been there. With over 20+ years of combined experience, we are holding nothing back.

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   Step into the brand business of your dreams!

   Connect with your dream target audience and have your clients connect with theirs.

   Dig to the heart of a brand and know you are providing your clients with the BEST brands.

√   Shape a new mindset that is rooted in focus, self-assuredness and vision.

   Feel empowered and confident in every single design decision.

Have the tools that can be customized to fit your unique design business. 

   Provide deep rooted value to your clients so that you can raise your prices with confidence.

√ Lower Stress

√ Less Frustration

√ More Clarity

“Word of advice, don’t walk, RUN to take this course! I have taken so many branding courses and I can honestly say this one has provided so much clarity and so much value. If you want to be seen as the expert and give your clients a holistic brand experience (and be able to charge more!) this course is 100% for you”


- Amanda T.S.

You should feel confidentempowered
in your business.

When you replace the "standard" branding process with deep rooted strategy and methods, you can design brands that don't just say they stand out, but truly stand out.

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We believe branding can be, and is, so much more than what we realize and that your branding business can be even more than you dream it can be.

We thought we were the only designers in the world who dreamt of all that our design business could be but felt so overwhelmed by doubts, questions and not knowing where to turn. There are so many recourses and it felt so overwhelming. We felt like we were just dreaming and it might not be possible. When we thought about our branding business, there were so many aspects that we loved, but we wanted to offer MORE. We wanted to go to the heart of branding.


We set out to create something new, something different in our branding process. We completely revamped our client questionnaire and foundational steps of the branding process. We reshaped the strategy of our process to be rooted in depth and core values to truly connect clients with their target audience. We added in holistic directions to our packages so clients were set up for success across every single touchpoint. We addressed everything.

Our whole business began to transform!

We saw the power of a brand that truly connects and the impact that these methods had on our clients businesses. We took the same process that we were incorporating for our clients into our brand and started attracting our exact target audience. We started to enjoy a better work/life balance because we were able to work with fewer clients because they were larger projects.

And now we are sharing it ALL in The Brand Designer course.

You’re Worth It.

Join the other brand designers who are feeling more confident and focused in their branding business!

SO MANY valuable insights! A detailed, thorough and well organized course from start to finish. The deliverables were truly a game changer. The communication and depth that went into this was also impressive– the process was uplifting and encouraging.”

- Courtney L.

“Word of advice, don’t walk, RUN to take this course! I have taken so many branding courses and I can honestly say this one has provided so much clarity and so much value. If you want to be seen as the expert and give your clients a holistic brand experience (and be able to charge more!) this course is 100% for you”

- Amanda T.S.

"This course is a well-designed, beautifully curated playbook to help designers learn how holistic branding works. I finished the course having a plan and feeling so much more confident in my business."

- Colleen K.

"When I signed up for The Brand Designer course I was looking to learn more, to focus more on strategy and research, and continue to refine my process, educate myself, and deliver even better results for my clients. And that's exactly what The Brand Designer course is all about. There is so much packed into The Brand Designer course. I'm learning so many new things through this course. Liz takes typical pieces of the branding process, such as the client questionnaire, the target audience, and the problem/solution and provides even more insight and depth."

- Tessa D.

"This was one of the most thorough courses I have ever taken on branding and design! The detailed holistic brand approach and the more business-focused modules were so informative! After taking this course, I'm refining my processes and offerings to clients, and I feel more confident in what I have to offer as a brand designer."

- Francesca P.

Incase we haven't met yet

Hi, I’m Liz.

My husband, Christian, and I have been running our own design business for the better part of ten years now, and we get it. Early on, we realized that we were offering our clients brand identities, not full holistic branding. We would find ourselves googling to figure out pricing and the best systems for clients, or hop into this class or that, and would get pieces, but never the full picture.

We created The Brand Designer to be the resource we wish we had. We have combined our 20+ years of experience as brand designers, business owners, and experience throughout the years.

Our course was created by brand designers running our own business who learned it and are now sharing it all.

Is this for me?

We are going to show you how to grow and scale your branding process and business diving to the heart of a brand! This is for you if you are looking to:

√   Go to the heart of your brand and your client's brand.

√  Grow your business

√  Gain more confidence

√   Feel freedom in your design business

√  Provide deep value to your clients

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So what exactly is
The Brand Designer?


The Brand Designer is our signature course that will show you exactly how to grow and scale your design business with deep rooted strategy to design value driven brands. 

When you register, you will get instant access to our membership site, which will include modules, videos, and downloadable pdf's and ai files. We broke it all down to make it simple, easy to follow and the best for you!

There are so many courses out there

What makes The Brand Designer special?

+ The Brand Designer shares it all

To have the branding business of your dreams requires four components. The internal and external of your brand business and the internal and external of your business. 

What this means in our course, The Brand Designer, is that we lay the foundation, steps, strategies, and more for addressing the internal thoughts, mindsets, and time management as a business owner (internal) and at the end of the course cover client relationships, proposals, and practical helpful tips and tricks of the external of your business.

As well, we dive into digging deep to the core of a business to lay a solid strong foundation for the entire brand (the internal), and then how that plays out practically in brand identity design, brand build out, brand directions, and the external expression of your clients brand.

+ We put our hearts into this course

It's true! This course is an outpouring of everything we have learned over the years and created it to truly see YOU succeed in all the ways you want to grow! 

+ Our students love The Brand Designer

We believe in this course and love hearing all the 'aha' moments are students are having! Their, and YOUR, success means everything to us!

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What's included in
The Brand Designer

 01. Six Modules 30+ videos covering 3.75+ hours of content

 02. Downloadables 170 pages split into 15 pdfs and ai files of prompts, worksheets and business guides


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